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Being one of the most important cities of both Turkey and the world with its cultural richness, natural beauties, deep-rooted history, legendary structures and vast sea, Istanbul welcomes millions of visitors every year. From a geographical point of view, the city that unites both Asia and Europe continents, thanks to this feature, also supports the establishment of a bond between eastern and western cultures. Staying at the junction of the Asian and European continents, Istanbul was built on seven hills within the borders of Turkey's Marmara Region. The names of these hills are Topkapı Palace, Çemberli Taş, Fatih, Beyazıt, Edirne Kapı, Yavuz Selim and Koca Mustafa Pasha. Istanbul is also famous for its strait that connects the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

You should visit the city, which has a structure that can attract tourists at any time of the year, in spring or summer to visit the city without getting cold and to see everything more clearly. You can be sure that you will be amazed by every detail in the city, which offers a more beautiful nature and social life, especially in the summer period, when nature and the sea regain their vitality. Purple redbud trees that bloom in spring also help you increase your positive energy. You can easily find flight tickets to the destination, which has flights from all airports in Turkey, both in summer and winter months. Apart from the plane, you can also use the road or railway. In addition to domestically, there are also direct or connecting flights to Istanbul from all the leading airports in the world.

Places to visit in istanbul

The city that fully affirms the phrase "Life ends, Istanbul does not end"; It manages to fascinate visitors with places to visit, streets to explore and structures that smell history. Istanbul, which is among the leading cities of the world thanks to its natural beauties and lively history, has many buildings and areas under protection by UNESCO. In the city, which is becoming more complex with its increasing population day by day; The plans made help to ease the flow of daily life a little bit. In general, most of the places to visit are located in the area called the Historic Peninsula.


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